Installing 160 square meters of reclaimed pine boards in SE13

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  1. Installing 160 square meters of reclaimed pine boards in SE13.

The massive 200 sq. meters flat was completed by our floor fitting experts in two stages. First stage includes fitting of 160 square meters area with reclaimed pine boards, supplied by lassco ltd. The boards were 30mm thick and they have been installed by gluing and screwing down method. The boards were sanded lightly by hand sanders in order to preserve the natural grain and vintage look. They were finished with Blanchon clear oil which doesn’t change the wood natural reclaimed colour. Our floor fitters were following the client’s idea to bring character and unique reclaimed look of the modern flat interior.

Find the pictures in the gallery  showing small part of the working process:

Check out the kitchen area result:

  1. Fitting of 40 sq.m. area (bedroom) with reclaimed Panga Panga exotic parquet in SE13…..

The second stage of the project includes cleaning, sorting, fitting (herringbone style) and oiling exotic parquet blocks. The project test our fitting skills to the limit, but our floor fitters manage to achieve great result working with this rare reclaimed material. Check out few pics of the working process:

Without proper cleaning of the blocks it’s a real challenge for our fitters to lay a straight main line. We tried to minimize the gaps between the blocks in order to achieve superior final result.

Check out result after sanding , gap filling, buffing and oiling: