Floor finishes



The wooden floor sealing takes important part in the floor restoration process. The main purpose of floor finishing service is to allow the finishing product to penetrate into the wood pores and create a well-protected and durable wood surface.

Wood finish:

1. Protects the wood from scratches, dirt and wear.
2. Enhances wood floor natural beauty, color, patterns, grain and depth.
3. Preserves wood from water, oxidation.
4. Changes wood appearance by adding color and hiding defects.

There is two main ways to protect the surface of your wooden floor, the first one is by using solvent or water based lacquers and the second one is by using different types of oils.

The biggest question in front of our customers is:


Our experts are here to help you to take the right decision. Our choice of finishing products is based on our 15-year experience of wood flooring. We are using top brand products like Loba, Bona ,Osmo… ect. The finishing products can have three main sheen levels matt, satin (semi gloss) and gloss effect. Depends on the traffic conditions our wood flooring specialists can apply a product which suites on the heavy or resident traffic wear conditions. Due to health risks and environmental considerations our floor experts doesn’t use solvent based lacquers. We are using water-based lacquers which are less toxic and it is easier to work with them.

Most common wood floor sealer is Lacquer. Our teams are using only water-based products. Lacquers are harder wearing because of the curing process, which produce a hardwearing and durable wood floor surface easy to maintain. Water- based Lacquers are favorite because their quick drying time (the first coat seals the wood floor for just 15 minutes) which allowing us to seal and finish the floor with 3 COATS in the same day. Lacquers doesn’t yellow so much the wood compared to the oil based products. Water based lacquer is clear finish which creates strong, heavy wearing and durable wood floor surface but ones this surface get scratched you have to re-sand the whole floor.

OILS:  Oil finish penetrate the wood pores and protects the wood from moister and the same time allow the wood to breathe. Oils showing much better the grain of the wood and produce a nice matt or satin finish. Oil is easy to be applied on wooden surface. Our floor specialists recommend 2 COATS, because too many coats of oil make the floor susceptible to scratch and scuff marks. Oil finish takes longer to dry compared to the water-based lacquers for that reason it could take up to 24 hours before the floor is ready for heavy foot traffic after the second coat.

A great benefit from using oil is that scratches can be repaired easily, the floor need to be buffed with buffing machine and then re-coated.

We are also able to apply colored oil.


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