Floor staining



Untitled DocThe right wooden floor color can enhance a home’s character and allow you to express your sense of style! Hardwood floors can come pre-stained and pre-finished from the factory or they can be sanded and stained after wood installation according to our customer’s preferences. Our flooring experts are ready to offer you a wide range of stain choices for your hardwood floor. Here is some of the most popular stain colors, which we can apply at your oak floor or solid parquet floor:

Our floor sanding company works with spirit based top quality stains which can be intermixed in order to create the desirable wood floor color. Our skilled flooring experts can help you matching stain colors to an existing hardwood color or to advice you in picking up the right wood stain color.

Wood floor staining is not a simple job; many things can go wrong, but don’t worry you are at the right place. We are timber flooring contractor who’s able to provide professional floor staining service based on our 15 years wood flooring experience. The most common problem is that the floor discoloration reveals all imperfections from the sanding process. As a professional flooring company, which combines both experienced flooring specialists and latest equipment we are able to provide high standard sanding and staining

Service eliminating to almost zero every floor-sanding mistake that the stain can reveals. Next common staining problem is the fact that the color, which is applied to your floor, does not match with the small staining samples provided by the stain manufacturers. For that, reason is much more practical if all stains are applied directly to the customer floor in order to provide the client with accurate idea about the color view.

Our team of professional floor sanders and floor fitters will apply a free stain samples directly to your floor!

Advertisement panel with offer for staining costs 6 pounds per sq. meter


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