Price list

Service Description Price
Sanding/3 layers of lacquer £34per sq/m
Sanding/gap filling/3 layers of lacquer £38.00
Screening/buffing with Extra layer of Osmo hard wax oil £20.00 per sq/m
Stair sanding/3 layers of lacquer from £65.00 per step
Staining with Morrellls light fast stain £7.00 per sq/m
White wash effect/ 2-3 layers of Bona white primer £12.00 per sq/m
Grey wash effect – 1 layer of Rubio Monocoat £10.00 per sq/m
Engineered oak boards fitting
– floating method with an appropriate underlay –
– nailing down method/nail guns –
£28 per sq/m
£30.00 per sq/m
Unfinished parquet blocks fitting herringbone pattern £40.00 per sq/m
Pre-finished parquet blocks fitting herringbone Pattern £50-£60.00 per sq/m ( depends on size )
Boarder installation around the perimeter £15.00 per linear meter
Chevron pre finished blocks chevron pattern £55.00 per sq/m
Supplying appropriate adhesive £9.50 per kg
Supplying and installing reclaimed pine boards £25.00 per linear meter
Nailing down/screwing (headless screws ) loosed pine boards £55.00 per room
Supplying and installing solid oak beading £10.00 per linear meter
Supplying and installing solid oak accessories / L shape trims , reducers (15 mm, 20 mm), Flat trims (20 mm, 40 mm), solid oak nosing (15 mm , 20 mm) £30.00 per piece (1.2 meters)
Minimum charge £500