Wood Floor Fitting

Sanding City Service Ltd provides professional wood floor fitting services for numerous types of floor materials, flooring systems, and patterns.

We can supply and fit engineered oak long planks, parquet blocks (both engineered and solid), herringbone patterns with appropriate single and double borders around the perimeter, and so on. We can supply and install metal brass strips between the herringbone pattern and the border. Basket patterns, art panels, and chevron patterns are also available.

Our teams can fit staircases and stair landings with appropriate floor planks and solid stair nosing. We can also supply a wide variety of solid or metal accessories, such as flat trims, reducers, L shape trims and beadings.

Sub floor preparation

Sub floors in central London properties must meet certain noise parameters by law. Our company can supply and install high quality noise reduction underlays and sub floor panels to help comply with these requirements. We also supply and install a variety of different thickness plywood sheets to mostly residential sites in order to level the base and isolate the moister.

When we have concreted a base that’s uneven, self-levelling compounds can be applied in order to level the area. Concrete bases require one or two coats of a damp-proof membrane to help seal and prevent moister from absorbing.

Engineered Floor Fitting

Engineered floor fittings are our most common type of flooring. Our fitting team is trained to fit long planks using the following methods:

Floating with an appropriate underlay

All planks are fitted by floating method with PVA adhesive, which is distributed into the Tongue and Groove channels (T&G system) of each plank. It’s essential for professional fitters to use belt strips in order to achieve a perfect fit and perfectly straight lines. Spacers around the wall perimeter are also important to help keep the pattern straight. Slight movement is allowed between the planks and the underlay; eventually, the floor should settle.

Gluing down method with an appropriate adhesive

We distribute floor adhesive over a concrete or plywood base, usually at a rate of 1kg per square meter. Planks are fitted on top, which helps ensure there is no movement between the floor planks and the sub floor. However, it’s a more time-consuming method.

Parquet Blocks Fitting – Herringbone Pattern

Parquet blocks fitting in a herringbone pattern is one of the most classic and beautiful patterns for both commercial and residential sites. Originating in Russia and France, this style has rapidly become one of the most popular designs for many properties.

Our teams can install both pre-finished engineered oak parquet blocks, which are slightly bigger, or solid oak unfinished blocks with a more standard size. Both types are installed by Gluing down method with an appropriate adhesive over a perfectly levelled sub floor base. Single, double, or long plank borders can also be installed around the perimeter. Metal brass strips can also be installed which will bring style to the finished pattern.

Chevron Planks Fitting

Originally coming from France, this pattern is gaining a lot of popularity across London’s residential and commercial sites. All planks are fitted in a chevron pattern with an appropriate adhesive over a perfectly levelled sub floor, usually made of either plywood, cheap wood panels, or concrete treated with a damp proof membrane. Single or long plank borders can be installed around the perimeter. Metal brass strips can be installed between the pattern and the border, which is an optional service that brings additional style.

Basket Pattern

A basket pattern is a much more complex pattern consisting of several different sizes of prefinished engineered parquet blocks and squares. The installation method relies on gluing down the blocks with an appropriate adhesive. The pattern requires a perfectly levelled sub floor. As such, it can be a time consuming installation method. Borders are not typical around the perimeter with this type of pattern. Check out some past examples of our basket pattern projects completed across London.

Art Panels Installation

Complex patterned pre-assembled panels come in sizes of usually 600 mm X 600 mm or 900 mm X 900 mm squares. Panels can be made from two or three different types of wood in order to meet a specific design or complex effect. The gluing down method is optimal, and panel installation requires a perfectly levelled sub floor. Most panels come unfinished, and so light sanding and appropriate sealing is required.

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