Different types of wood floors and traffic conditions require different finishes. Our company uses the highest quality, safest products available on the market. Our teams strictly follow the manufacturer’s guidance and distributing the amount of product by book. We never cut back on the amount of materials that we use so as not to compromise the final result.

Sanding City Service Ltd works with the following approved brands of finishes:


Primer is preparatory coat which ensures better adhesion of the following coats of lacquer. Primers can help regulate the colour of the wood.

Water-based Primers

  • Bona Classic non-yellowing primer, creating a full-bodied surface.
  • Bona Natural designed to preserve the look of untreated raw wood.
  • Bona White designed to create a “white-washed’’ effect, ideal for Scandinavian style interiors or reduces yellowing in wood.
  • Bona Intense produces rich wood colouration; compatible with tropical wood types.
  • Bona Amber tinted primer that mimics the look of solvent-based lacquers with a rich amber wood colouration, suitable for darker types of wood.

Chemical Primers

Loba Primaseal Plus produces intense colours, suitable for exotic types of wood, red and oily types of wood (e.g., Tick, Walnut, Jatoba, Acacia, etc.). Reduces the overlapping effect to a minimum (side-bonding effect).

Water-based lacquers

Primer is preparatory coat which ensures better adhesion of the following coats of lacquer. Primers can help regulate the colour of the wood.

What brands we use

  • Bona Mega one component for residential sites – flats, houses, etc.
  • Loba Viva one component for residential sites.
  • Maldon Contract – residential sites.
  • Bona Traffic – two component lacquer for commercial sites – churches, schools, offices, bars and restaurants, coffee shops and other premises.
  • Junkers Commercial – two component lacquer for commercial sites.

Chemical Primers

Water-based lacquers and primers are not suitable for oily or exotic types of woods.

Sheen Levels: Matt – Satin – Gloss effect
Cleaning and maintenance system: Bona Spray mop

Solvent-based lacquers

Sadol PV67 Heavy Duty – extremely tough and durable, solvent-based two component lacquer. Perfect for dance floors, bar tops, community halls, and other commercial premises.

Quick drying times. Hight V.O.C. a bit smelly. We use full PPE during application.
Sheen Levels: Satin-Gloss effect

Hardwax Oils

Osmo Hardwax oil – durable and hard wearing, highly resistant to common liquids, and no sanding needed for scratch repairs or future applications. Enriches the wood’s natural character. Plant-based oils that are safe for use around children. Drying times between 8-10 hours per coat. Recoats are only needed when signs of wear become visible.
Cleaning and maintenance system: Osmo spray mop
Sheen Levels: Satin-Matt effect.

Blanchon Original Wood Environment Eco-friendly product that’s suitable for all parquets, wood floors, and stairs. Creates the effect of untreated wood; a completely natural aesthetic that looks as if you haven’t changed the wood’s colour at all. Does not require buffing. Scratch resistant. Quick Drying time. Low V.O.C.
Cleaning Care System – Easily maintained with Blanchon wood floor cleaning products.
Sheen Level: Ultra Matt

Machines and materials which we use